Exclusive car storage
You can rely on Exclusive Cars for long-term storage of your vehicle. We park your car under the best conditions and ensure that your car is always ready to start.
We can store an exclusive car for you at 150 EUR excl. of VAT per month, including standard insurance of up to 100,000 EUR.


For long-term storage we advise our clients to provide a high-quality cover. The inside of the cover will protect the paint coat of the car against light scratches, dirt and dust. The fabric will also filter a large amount of UV rays which will maintain the fresh look of the paint, rubber and interior longer.

A bespoke cover also accentuates the lines of your car and presents it in style.

If required, we will gladly provide you with a personalized quote for a bespoke cover for your car.

Trickle charger

A trickle charger keeps the battery of your car in optimal condition by following a determined charging procedure. This way your car will always be ready to start and the battery life is maximized.

A trickle charger is included in the Exclusive Cars storage service.


Our buildings are secured with an alarm system, which includes motion sensors, camera surveillance and a control room.

With the least unexpected movement, several parties responsible will immediately receive a phone call, email and text message, guaranteeing a quick intervention.

The keys are kept in an extra secured room. In addition, the secured key room is only accessible after a delay of 30 minutes outside of office hours.


The Exclusive Cars storage service contains standard coverage for fire and theft of up to 100,000 EUR. We offer additional insurance at a rate of 1 percent on an annual basis.

For example: for a vehicle of 500,000 EUR you will pay an additional insurance premium on 400,000 EUR at 1/1000th = 400 EUR on a yearly basis.

Pick up and return

Because we prepare your car with the utmost care, we have to be notified 24 hours before the pick-up.

Cars can be picked up and returned on workdays between 9 AM and 6 PM.

With every in and out movement, we sign a descriptive condition of the vehicle “together with the client”. Our parking manager will also draw up an inventory of all present documents and accessories together with you, so that we are always sure that everything stays with the vehicle.

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